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The loyalty of our customers and the quality of our references are the best proof of our commitment to our partners

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APAVE INTERNATIONAL, Mauritania subsidiary, working in construction, oil, gas, industry with TOTAL, SHLUMBERGER and other big companies


Huawei Technologies Mauritania is the leader of IT equipment and services in Mauritania

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SEMIND Engineering constructed a Dual Power plant of 120 MW delivered to WARTSILÄ in 2014


Gryphon Minerals Ltd had an important project of gold exploration in Tijirit (Mauritania). The company was acquired by Teranga gold Corporation in 2016.


Tunis Air are one of the main air transporter in Mauritania


One of the most active NGO in Mauritania which is working with French and European aid.


Haut Conseil de la Jeunesse is The official consultative body created by presidential decree to represent and defend the interests of Mauritanian youth, which represent 70% of the Mauritanian population.

dorce pref

Dorce Prefabricated which realized the biggest house camping project of Mauritania for Kinross Tasiast. Tasiast Team village for 8 400 people. The total construction area was 475 000 m2 for 90 482 m2 of total building area.

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