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Our Main Services











Finance and Capital

The survival of a business is directly linked to its financial health. All business leaders must have a clear short and medium term vision of their company's financial situation in order to anticipate risks and be aware of  strengths and weaknesses of the latter. tactical and strategic decisions  are,  partly made on the basis   reliable and quasi-certain financial information. To achieve this, we provide you with the necessary tools adapted to your work environment.


Also, sound and sustainable financial management  must be established on a sound basis. At this level, we intervene to help you set up the appropriate financial arrangement for the nature of your activities.


We are also involved in financial diagnosis, capital operations, financial transactions  as well as the development  feasibility studies of your projects.

Organization and NTIC


In a constantly changing economy, the establishment of a flexible and efficient organization  is a matter of survival. Taylorism enabled 20th century businesses to increase their productivity. The requirements of the 21st century are of a completely different nature. It is about flexibility, adaptability, effectiveness and efficiency of the characteristics imposed by the new technologies of information and communication which evolve in an unpredictable way with the aim of answering a better reactivity and  to better efficiency. To this end, setting up an organization that meets these requirements requires an analysis of your environment as well as a medium-term support approach. This approach that we are developing within our work team will allow your company to face the challenges of the contemporary economy.

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Human Ressources

The management of human resources requires a thorough knowledge of the texts, customs, culture and tradition of the Mauritanian work environment. Having understood it from this angle led us to offer a complete social assistance service including recruitment, training,   payroll management, advice and assistance for the management of social conflicts.

For your expatriate employees, the formalities for obtaining work permits and residence permits are taken care of.

Tax and Business Law


In an increasingly complex tax environment, it is becoming vital to rely on a team of tax experts, seasoned by experience and knowledge of customs and tax practices specific to Mauritania. In addition to knowledge  legal texts  governing taxation in Mauritania, it is essential to master its interpretation as well as the expectations and practices of the tax administration.

We mainly offer the following services:

  • Tax advice so that you can make the most of your tax rights;

  • Tax diagnosis;

  • Establishment of tax declarations and management of the terms of their payments;

  • Assistance in your correspondence with the tax authorities;

  • Assistance in the event of a tax audit.​



The  Mauritania  was classified by the  world Bank  among the five most reforming countries in the world in terms of business climate and thus recorded an improvement of eight (8) points in the world ranking ''Doing Business'' in 2016.
Whether you want to participate in a public market or set up a project, we will guide you  and will assist you  in order to take better advantage of the local offer.

In summary, our assistance can be summarized as follows:

  • business creation assistance;

  • Domiciliation of your company

  • Assistance with administrative formalities

  • Advice and assistance in contract negotiations;

  • Market and feasibility study;

  • Fundraising assistance

Invest in a Free Zone


The lifting of customs barriers, tax exemptions granted to companies, the specific exchange rate regime allowing, among other advantages, the installation of off-shore banks, the establishment of an efficient Single Window for the simplified accomplishment of all administrative formalities, the encouragement of PPPs (Public-Private Partnership) and their facilitation in accordance with the best international standards are all reasons to encourage you to invest in the  free zone of Nouadhibou.

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