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Finance & Equity

Any company 's financial health is strongly tied to its long-term viability and success. Every entrepreneur must have a clear view of his company's financial status in the short and medium term in order to foresee risks and become aware of its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats of the local environment. Partially based on reliable financial data, tactical and strategic judgments are made. With AMC Consulting, you can rest assured that you will receive cost-effective and reliable financial data.


Any profitable and long-term endeavor, however, must be constructed on a solid foundation. At this level, we step in to assist you in putting together a financial plan for your investment and capital that is appropriate for the nature of your business.  


We can also help you with financial diagnosis, capital operations, mergers, financial transactions, and feasibility studies of your projects.

Organization & IT

  The establishment of a flexible and effective organization is a question of survival in today's ever-changing economic world. Companies in the twentieth century were able to expand their output thanks to Taylorism. The requirements of the twenty-first century are relatively diverse. It's all about adaptability, flexibility, and efficiency. 

In order to adapt to improved reactivity and efficiency, new information and communication technologies are growing in an unpredictable manner. Setting up an organization that meets these needs for this aim necessitates an analysis of your surroundings and a medium-term accompanying strategy. This is how AMC Consulting works to make your organization as responsive as possible to its surroundings.

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Human Resources

Human resource management necessitates a thorough understanding of the laws in existence, as well as the customs, traditions, and varied cultures that exist in the Mauritanian workplace. 

We can provide a full social assistance service, including recruitment, training, payroll management, advising, and assistance in case of social conflicts, as we understand HR from this perspective.


In today's increasingly complicated tax environment, it's critical to rely on a team of tax specialists with extensive experience and knowledge of Mauritania's tax policies. In addition to understanding the tax legislation, mastering its interpretation, as well as the expectations and practices of the tax administration, is essential.  

We provide the following services for tax purposes:  

  • Advice on how to better utilize your tax rights;

  • A tax optimization plan tailored to your objectives and type of business;

  • Preventive tax audit;

  • Managing your tax returns and payments;

  • Assistance with your correspondence with the tax administration;

Assistance in case of tax control.


  In 2016, the World Bank recognized Mauritania as one of the top five reforming nations in the world in terms of business climate, with an eight-point improvement in the global Doing Business ranking. 

We will guide and support you in making better use of the local offer, whether you wish to participate in a public contract or start a project.  


Our support includes:

  • Business creation assistance;

  • Local representation of your project

  • Assistance with administrative formalities;

  • Assistance and negotiation of contracts;

  • Business plan study;

  • Support for Fundraising.

Free Zone

The removal of customary barriers, tax exemptions granted to companies, a specific exchange rate regime allowing the establishment of offshore banks, the establishment of a single desk for the simplified completion of all administrative formalities, and the encouragement of PPP (Public-Private Partnership) and their facilitation in accordance with the best international standards are all reasons to invest in the Nouadhibou free zone. 

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  To read more about the free zone's many benefits, click here

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